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Welcome to the  ePortfolio tool where you can build a portfolio to help you gain access into a higher education programme in the Atlantic Technological University (ATU). 

Before you start creating your ePortfolio tool there is a number of steps you must take!

Step 1 Select a course and review the course information material  on the Atlantic Technological University (ATU) website(s). If you do not meet the standard entry requirements you should contact the head of department, the programme chair/coordinator to discuss your case or see My Experience | Atlantic Technological University project contacts. You will be advised as to the potential outcome of an application based upon RPL. 

Step 2 If the advice is to proceed with an application for the programme you should complete the Atlantic Technological University's direct application form. 

Step 3 A mentor will be assigned to you and will recommend the type of evidence you need to provide in creating an  ePortfolio. You will then proceed to creating your RPL eportfolio. 

Step 4 An assessor/ programme expert will be assigned to assess your eportfolio.

Step 5 You will be notified by the Atlantic Technological University (ATU) on the outcome of your RPL assessment and the next step. 

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